Odds and ends

I've been sorta quiet lately. It's not that I haven't thought of you! Just seems to be other things eating up my time. And I don't feel like I have much to say. Odd huh?

So, first, no new news. A friend asked if I was tired of hearing the question "heard anything yet?" and the answer is no. I'm frustrated that we haven't heard anything yet, but love the fact that so many people are interested and waiting to hear something new! Just can't wait until we DO have new news to share!

Our I-600 is still at USCIS although it has now moved to the National Benefits Center in MO. I have no idea what that means except that we are still waiting. They have quoted me the *official* line stating that they have 75 days to complete our file, but we know lots of folks who have had it done in 4-5 weeks recently. Let's hope those pencil pushers keep things moving. And that the government doesn't shut down. Gulp. I have no idea if that would stall our paperwork or not. Too freaky to think about Must move on.

Preparations...his room is nearly done! Here's a sneak peek. I'll share the entire thing with ya soon. (See the birch crib? That's the one I belabored over in IKEA for hours. I think it works in here!)

The painting fun isn't over yet---we've also been painting in the kitchen and refinishing our cabinets. That project was started in the fall and has been S.L.O.W. going. What ever possessed me to decided to sand all those cabinets down and repaint them? (And how did I manage to convince The Man to go along with this crazy plan??) But boy, do they look good. The final round of painting will be finished this weekend. Woohoo!

Oh, and when we aren't painting, we've found a few super fun things like these:

The dinosaur thing is pretty fun. Great for eye/hand coordination too. The activity block might be a bit ahead of him right now, but he'll grow into it. In the meanwhile, Pogo our kitty seems to think it's a great place to rub her head. 

And we've also been grown ups and bought some grown-up parent type stuff like these things:

 I think the Tropical Pug is beginning to suspect something is up.


  1. the same thing happened with our I600!!! our case liaison was able to sort things out for us, but goodness, that was a moment of freak out for me. dont' worry, everything worked out (obvs!) :)
    love all your new bebe gear!

  2. wow - love the nursery! and I think the crib looks great in there - worth all that time and effort :) and how wonderful that you are starting to collect the baby essentials - fun, fun!!

  3. Fun stuff! That dino/dragon toy looks super fun. And the rug is AWESOME!!! Such fun things you're doing now :) Hope the government work, work, works for you!

  4. Cute room! And it looks like it's all pet approved!

  5. It all looks so great! Love the room, that carpet is so fun! and how cute is your pug in the stroller? So cute.

  6. I swear I am not copying your every move, but I'm contemplating that crib as well. And, is the stroller usable for running? I really want a stroller I can use around town and on the jogging path...

  7. Doggie in the stroller is cracking me up!

  8. Love the pug-in-a-stroller pic :)

    We are thinking of painting our kitchen cabinets too... I may have to hound you for some advice!

  9. I LOVE your nursery! We ended up getting the same crib in green too.

    We are in the process of waiting on our 1-600 so hopefully both of ours will be here sooner rather than later!

    Lauren @ www.howthebushgrows.com

  10. What a great nursery! It looks fab! But you will have to lower the crib to all the way to the bottom or you may have a climber.


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