Our little sweetie

Here's some things we are learning about our little sweetie--

He love to eat. Just about everything we put in front of him, he'll go after. Except for green beans. Not a fan of those. Those make him cry.

He's incredibly resilient and takes things in stride. Never seen those people before? No problem. Never been on a plane before? Piece of cake. Never seen a dog/cat before? What's the big deal.

Speaking of dogs and cats, he seems to prefer cats. At least he prefers chasing the cats. Gus thinks this is a ridiculous notion and has set out on a mission to convince Little Man that dogs are the fairer species. The kitties think Little Man is right on the money, but they still aren't interested in giving him the time of day.

He hates to get dressed or undressed. I mean really hates it. He doesn't seem to mind once the clothing is on though.

He has a very funny laugh. It's more of a heavy breathing/panting with his tongue sticking out. When he first did it, I thought he was having an asthma attack. It's sort of like a baby version of Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter. (Did I just date myself?)

He loves the camera! Perfect child for me!

He thinks shadows are fun.

He has stick straight hair that stands up from his head like he's been electrocuted. No matter what I try to do, it won't lay down. Do they make baby hair product? Ha!

He's really into shaking his head back and forth. He doesn't do it in response to anything in particular, he just likes to do it.

He can maneuver a bottle amazingly well. He likes to stretch his pudgy arm out and grab the bottom of the bottle, and jam it into his face. And he likes to carry the bottle around by the nipple. In fact, I've been clobbered a few times by the swinging bottle. I'm learning to watch out!

He has two teeth on the bottom and a few more are coming in.

He achieved his personal best at walking on Friday, taking 6 steps in a row!

He pinches really hard.

And he loves, loves, loves to be carried in his sling. He settles right down in there and likes to take in the whole world while tucked up against our chest. And Mommy and Daddy love to have him there too!


  1. I love all these bits & pieces of your sweet boy!!!
    Tell him to pinch gently.
    And I LOOOOOVE that he likes the kitties! But be gentle, little man. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) ;)
    Can't wait to learn more about him!
    And see some photos...

  2. Love these tidbits!

    And shaking his head back and forth - he's playing a Korean baby game called "doti, doti" (or at least I think that is how you spell it). The game is - shake your head and say doti, doti. Daniel did this all the time. Give it a try by playing with him and see what happens :)

    And how sweet that he loves to snuggle in with you in the sling. Awesome Little Man. Awesome.


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