Baby games

Thanks to Yvonne for tipping me off that Little Man's head shaking might be a game!

I hightailed to YouTube (what did we ever do without YouTube??) and voila, we now have a new game to try!

(Kunji game)


  1. Yep! That's a popular one here. Love it :)
    Way to go, Yvonne, for tipping you off!

  2. Our little guy does that too! He LOVES this game, he's hypnotized every time I do it for him. He also shakes his head sometimes when he's happy.

  3. This is a great video - thanks for sharing! I knew of two of the other games, but two others were new to me. Enjoy playing!

  4. rubin came home doing kungi. another ftka mom clued me in. and when i FINALLY got it rubin looked at me with an "it's about damn time, mama!" expression. gotta love ftka.

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