Friday Round Up--6.10.2011

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Beautiful Wisconsin sky, 2010 - © Cheese Curds and Kimchi

Ahem. Please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to embark on our first road trip!

Yup, we are loading up the car with a boatload of baby crap (how does one tiny person need so much stuff???), The Tropical Pug, and of course Little Man too. What a way to celebrate our one-month mark as a family! Yes, it's been one month already folks. Time is flyin'!

Ya'll might remember that The Man and I got through our summer of waiting last year by doing a whole series of 12 mountain bike/running races. It was a long summer (we raced every other weekend, spread across the entire state of Wisconsin) but we loved getting out into the woods and getting in better shape was awesome too. I actually won my age group! Total shocker.

Flash forward to this year. Racing season began May 1. Obviously we couldn't make that one, and we missed the second as well. But look out Third Race of The Season--here we come!

The Man will ride about 18 miles in his division. This is mountain biking at it's best, with lots of rocks, roots, climbs and descents. It's a very challenging course. I'm running on part of the same course, a 5K trail run. (I haven't run a straight 5K in over a month, but I'm in denial about that.)

Odds are that I'm not gonna have a great race time, which is hard for a super competitive person to say but I'm trying to get over it. My goal for the weekend is to see if we can actually do this!! Can we actually load up the whole fam damily, drive for 3.5 hours (excluding the numerous stops we'll likely have to make), stay in a hotel, get up early (OK, we know we can do that now), and then hang out in the woods for about 6 hours while Mommy and Daddy get their fitness on? Oh yeah, and then there's the drive back home,

Tropical Pug on a road trip - © Cheese Curds & Kimchi
It sounds like it could be a lot for the LM.  Usually when The Man races, I run all over the course and take photos of the bikers at different vantage points. I'm guessing I'm not going to be able to do that as easily this year. And we might have to skip watching parts of the race entirely if LM needs a time out.

This weekend is really about learning just how to juggle this stuff and how we work together as a family. How we can fit in the things that we love into this new lifestyle, introduce them to LM, and start to create our family's culture? We love to be outdoors. We love biking/running. We love going new places. And we don't want to stop doing those things. So now it's time to dig in and start doing them as a threesome.

I'm really excited about that. If not a little nervous. But looking forward to seeing how this adventure is gonna go.

That almost makes me forget that I'm totally unprepared for this run.


Have a great weekend!


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  1. I think the woman whom wrote Domestic Enemies is channeling my own thoughts & experiences. No, I don't want to watch YOUR child all day while you work. No, I don't feel obligated to be Daisy Scout Leader. Hello, I did earn a college degree pulling in A & B grades. I know the difference between 'their' and 'there'. (Ever notice many important working folk don't?)

    But back to the positive....Love this blog. You are quite the talented writer, resourceful, and your photography continues to blow me away girlfriend!

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  3. whohoo! i hope everything went well this weekend!

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