GamJa JoRim 감자 조림 & DuBu BuChim 두부 부침

© Cheese Curds and Kimchi
Korean dinner night! I have been inspired by Yvonne at Our Korean American Family's Korean Saturday Night dinners. And finally managed some time to cook while the Wild Man played quietly. (Did I actually say quietly???) Miracle!

First, the GamJa JoRim. I love me some potatoes, and that goes ditto for The Man. I followed THIS VIDEO from Aeri's Kitchen. I altered the recipe slightly, adding in about 1/2 cup sweet potatoes, and a little more corn syrup. Yum. Seriously. And quick to make.

Next, another Aeri's Kitchen recipe (I love her stuff!). For the Tofu BuChim, I actually used Quorn breasts instead. The recipe for the BuChim sauce is HERE. I didn't have red pepper powder on hand so I substituted Penzey's Black and Red spice instead, using about 1 tbsp.

The entire meal only took about 1/2 hour to make, and was easy to do. Hoping to work some of this stuff into our daily routine, but I'm not up to Yvonne's Saturday night feasts yet!

© Cheese Curds and Kimchi


  1. Yay for making Korean food at home! So proud of you! And who knows - you may become addicted to having Korean food every week and keep going :)

    And I love that you linked to a site I don't know about - something new for me to check out. Thanks!

  2. That looks & sounds great! I'm gonna have to try that soon! Thanks! :)


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