Friday Round Up - The unroundup edition

Hey ho,

No time to do a proper round up today. Running out the door but had a few things to let you know about.

  • LM went to the doc today for a 1-year-old check up. He's had a growth spurt and has grown 2 inches since we became a family! He's now in the 50th percentile for height and the 30th for weight!
  • We had our first night feeding free night! Of course, the next night was a little more challenging. We'll see how tonight goes. But it feels like progress.
  • We are hitting the road in a few minutes for this weekend's adventure. The Man is running the Tough Mudder! If you haven't heard of this race, you absolutely need to click on the link and see what crazy feat he's about to undertake.  Over 8 miles of running and obstacles--mud, ropes, climbing, tunnels, and electric wires. Wahooo! We are staying overnight near the race course and we'll be hanging with our closest friends. M is also running the race with The Man. To make the whole thing a little more fun, Mother Nature is upping the ante. The temps are insane here in the Midwest this week and there's a heat advisory out on race day too. Hopefully all that mud will keep the guys cool.Wish them luck!
  • On Sunday, the racing continues. The Man has a bike race, although he might just watch from the sidelines depending on his recovery after Tough Mudder. But our racing buddy E will be staying with us and racing on Sunday, and I'll be racing the trail run in the AM. Obviously training hasn't been what it used to be, so we'll just see how things go.
  • And speaking of our closest friends. They have a sweet girl named Princess Rosy Cheeks. She's almost two, and a very smart and fun little doll. Well, Princess Rosy Cheeks is going to be a big sister! We are so excited for them all!

OK. Caravan is about to depart.  I'd better get on board. Have a great weekend!


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