Friday Round Up-7.1.2011

Hi there peeps,

Gotta keep this short today. As much as I love chatting with you all, I have to keep moving. LM is napping which means Mama has a brief interlude in which she must cram all the activities that do not involve LM, such as mopping and scrubbing the toilet.

What a glamorous life we lead!

In LM news:: he's sporting two new teeth, which brings our running total up to 6. The lack of teeth definitely does not slow this child down in the eating department though. We are constantly amazed at how much he can cram in at every meal. It's really impressive!

He's also really into climbing. Mama is not so into this new skill. It freaks The Mommy out when she turns to see her LM  proudly stands atop the couch, big smile in place, and clapping his hands. The Mommy lunges for LM, because she envisions him losing his balance, toppling over backwards and cracking the base of his fragile skull on the lovely mid-century modern coffee table below him. So the words "sit down!" are being used with increasing regularity.

However, LM's other new trick this week was to learn how to safely get off the couch by himself! I'm super impressed (and proud) that he figured this out. It's awesome that he can get off intentionally, but I'm still terrified about that unintentional dismount that's inevitably coming.

We have two HUGE things coming up this week! First, LM's gets to meet one set of his grandparents for the first time! My folks are coming out from the west coast, arriving on Saturday (hence the mopping and toilet scrubbing today) and spending a week here at Pugville. We are so thrilled to have them here and can't wait for them to get to know our sweet boy.

One of the fun things we'll do while they are here is to celebrate LM's first birthday! Can you believe he's going to be 1? It's so special that they could share this day with us. His birthday is on Thursday and we are planning to do something small with the 5 of us. We'll have a larger party on Saturday with friends. We aren't going to throw a huge dol, but we are mixing a little Korean and American traditions. We will have a little hanbok parade and doljabi event.

Of course, there's the 4th of July to celebrate too. Here in Milwaukee, we have fireworks somewhere in the city/surrounding areas every night, starting with Saturday night. Can't wait to see how LM enjoys that! We'll be going with our bestest pals and their little sweetie, with Grandma and Grandpa too. Should be lots of fun!

Hope you have a great week ahead of you too!


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  1. Yay for teeth! Teething SUCKS! Our guy has really been out of sorts with it over the last week or so. I can't wait until this next batch is all in, we're working on #7&8 now and I had thought we'd have until 13mo before they were expected. At least he'll be able to chew better though, right?

    The climbing sounds scary! Glad he's learned hot to get down safely, smart kid!

    I hope you have a great time with your folks :) I can't believe LM is going to be one already! I hope your family has a great Birthday/Dol.

    PS Thanks for the great links!


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