Fresh start Monday

A reminder--one week to go until the Cheese Curds and Kimchi Book Club officially begins and we discuss 20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed. Catch up on the book club idea HERE. If you've already read the book, please feel free to chime in. And even if you haven't, we'd still love to have you in on the discussion! See you here next week!


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My Goo.gle Reader was about to implode.

Each time I opened it, I winced at seeing over 1000 posts that were unread. I felt obligated to read each and every one. But dang is it hard to find the time to do it with LM climbing and running and poking his finger in the dog's butt.

I know, I know. Admittedly it's silly to feel guilty about not reading people's blogs when they probably have no idea that I'm reading them at all. But it's just is one example of how I feel like I'm falling behind on things. Whether it's a real "must do" or not, getting behind makes me feel uncomfortable and grumpy. The Type A in me wants to get everything done, on time and done well. I'm having to acknowledge that some things will go on the back burner. Some things might get done but not as well as I'd like to do them. And some things, gasp, may never get done. That's where the guilty feeling comes in.

Anyway, I've been wincing and avoiding reading the backed-up blog posts, and that blog monster was getting bigger and bigger.

Yesterday, I accidently hit "mark all as read." Really, it was an accident. I'm sure there's some Freudian theory that it was my subconscious at work. But consciously I didn't mean to make all those posts go away in just one click.

I felt bad for a second. And then, amazingly refreshed.

If only I could hit the erase button with the other must do's. Like tackling the giant accumulation of crap in our basement. Or finishing the stacks of thank-you cards that I have yet to send out. Or sorting through the boxes of stuff I "cleaned" from the car that never seem to get emptied. The list goes on and on.


So, if you are a blogger and I read your blog, and if you have some really big news, and I missed it, I apologize. I'll catch up later.

And if you figure out how I can "accidentally" hit a button that will make all that other stuff go away, let me know about that too.


  1. Try to cut yourself some slack, being a mother can be all consuming, and the addition of a child is a HUGE adjustment. Maybe you can find some ways to be more of a type B+ kind of gal? Not so you can read blogs per say, but so you can have a little breathing room. You are doing fine!

  2. He he! If you figure it out let me know. My list keeps getting longer and longer...

  3. I've been thinking about cleaning up my reader recently as well...

  4. I just purchased the book on my Kindle! I know I'm late to the game here, but I'm so excited you're doing a book club. I've been wanting to do a Korean/adoption themed book (or movie) club for awhile, but I don't think my blog has enough followers to pull it off. See you next week!


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