Three months

Hello sweet boy,

I shed a few tears last night as I thought about it. Three months ago today, we became a family.

Was it really only twelve weeks ago that Daddy and I arrived at the agency in Seoul with sweaty palms and nervous looks? We arrived over an hour early because we didn't want to be late for the most important date of our lives. So we passed the time at a nearby cafe and tried to eat breakfast, but we couldn't eat a thing. All we could think of was you and that in less than an hour, we would become a family. Soon, you would be our son. It was a tough thing to wrap our minds around.

We used to stare at your photo and wonder what you would be like. All of the photos we had showed a serious and thoughtful boy. When we first met you, a few days before our family day, we were delighted when you greeted us with a beautiful smile at the door.  You delighted us with your charming nature, curiosity and tenacity. We asked ourselves how could we have been so lucky to have been chosen to be your parents?

It's been a long road for us all. Three months have passed in a blink, and yet seem to have stretched out for a lifetime. It seems that you've always been with us and it's hard to remember just what we did before you were a part of us.

Each day we marvel at the new things you discover and celebrate with you as you master new skills. You are bull-headed (like your mama) and funny (like your daddy). And smart as a whip! You've brought so much delight and love into our lives. I don't think we can ever express how thankful that we found one another.

Becoming a family takes time. I remind myself of that often. We have come far in our months together but still have so much work to do. You still aren't sure about us yet, and I understand that. We are still learning how to figure one another out and these things take time. You keep your emotions close to your heart and we aren't always sure just what you are feeling. That's really tough for me because I feel like your mommy should know these things. But I'm keeping the big picture in mind, (as daddy reminds me to do) and I promise, I'm working hard to figure these things out.

You are stuck with us, kid. It's only been three months my love, but we are on this journey together and we'll always be by your side. No matter what.

So happy three-month-a-versary my sweetheart. I can't wait to see what the next three months brings.

All my love,


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  1. What a sweet letter. What a lucky boy and what lucky parents. :)


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