Friday Flotsam--09.23.2011

Did you notice??? A gold star to the observant! The words "Friday Round-Up" have long driven me crazy. It's a boring name. And boring names, well, they bore me.

But I never could think of anything more clever. That would involve actual thinking and my brain is way too foggy lately to do that. But today, perhaps it was the extra cup of coffee, the granola snack I just wolfed down, I don't know. But voila! A new name! Drum roll please....I introduce you to Friday Flotsam!

Flotsam, as in, odds and ends.

I'm so entertained by the little things.


The house is so quiet.

I am suddenly aware of the absence of toys banging, baby babbling, and the background noise that accompanies life with a toddler. LM has finally fallen asleep and I hope (fingers crossed!) nap time will last more than 40 minutes today.

Maybe it's that he's been a bit grumpier than usual, which means he is shoutier (is that even a word??) than usual. Whatever the reason, the quietness is much more apparent today.

Was it really this quiet before Little Man came home?

I fold clothes, watched the fur babies enjoy the sunbeams, and listen to the birds.

Ahhh. Nice.

And then I turn on the stereo.

Because it's way too quiet in here.


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