Pool playing priests

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I was hanging out at an old Capuchin monastery this week. (The interesting places I get to go for my job!) It was dusty and old and empty. But the rooms had this delicious feeling of life in them. I had no idea what the life of old Capuchin monks would have been like, but it just felt...holy.

In one empty room hung this photo of priests playing pool. It completely cracks me up. It reminds me of this photo of nuns smoking. It strikes me funny to see religious folk enjoying things that everyday people do. I know, they are people, just like us. But somehow I expect them to do other stuff, more *holy* stuff. It's like being a kid and seeing your teacher at the fitness club and realizing that she sweats too.

Mind blowing, right?

Just like priests playing pool.

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  1. This may go down as the all time oddest title for a post I've seen!

    Made me look though! :)



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