Friday Flotsam--10.14.2011

I haven't forgot about you.

We've just been a bit busy, you see. Little Man has a huge cold. The first he's had since he's been home. (Thank you, day care!) So he's been all green snot and fussy. And not sleeping. Or eating.

On top of that, he's teething like a puppy, so we are back to chewing anything and everything. I even caught him gnawing on the metal chair legs. And a few times on the dog's bone. Ewww. So that makes him even fussier. And grumpier.

He's been sweet enough to share his cold with me though. So I'm a bit fussy and not sleeping either.

It's also been my first full week back to work. It's been sort of nice. And I love being out meeting new people and shooting again. But the piles around the house are starting to grow. And there are many things that are left undone.

Which makes me feel undone.

The good news is that we have a great weekend ahead of us. (Part of me wishes that the entire weekend could be spent cleaning and sorting--I have clips of the show Hoarders running through my mind and I'm worried if the accumulation keeps up at this blistering pace, we might not be able to find Little Man in the rubble.)

Saturday we are celebrating Chuseok with our adoption group! Last year when we attended the event, our home study had just been sent to Korea and we were just beginning the wait for a referral. When we saw all these beautiful children running about in hanboks and enjoyed the Korean food and cultural events, we could hardly believe that one day that would be our life too. And now it is!

So excited for Little Man to meet new friends. And it gives me another chance to photograph him in his hanbok since the first birthday photo shoot was a bit of a failure challenge.

We are also going to find time to play in the fall leaves this weekend. And maybe find a pumpkin or two.

And spend lots of time snuggling and laughing.

And enjoy being a family.

Happy weekend to you!


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  1. No cleaning - just come to Chusok! Can not WAIT to see you - realized that the first time I met you in person was last year at Chusok and I'm so, so looking forward to announcing to the group that LM (and a couple of his buddies) are HOME!! Woohoo!! See you all tomorrow :)

  2. A cold plus teething - yuck! No fun at all. I am excited to try those Feel Better Pops, though. They sound great! Have a fun time with your adoption group :)


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