Friday Flotsam--10.28.2011

Little Man moments....

We picked pumpkins last weekend. Well, more accurately, The Man and I picked the pumpkins. LM was very busy collecting sticks. It's his favorite hobby.

We carved a few pumpkins at home. LM totally loved digging the seeds out of thems. He quivered and shook with excitement as he ran his fingers through the squishy stuff. And then he started slinging it around the kitchen.

He's really infatuated with putting things into containers. As a result, his toys and pacis end up in the laundry basket, Pack and Play, or garbage can.

He still isn't saying a lot of real words, but he sure babbles alot. Evidently though, he has the words in there somewhere. At daycare recently, a teacher was telling another child repeatedly to 'sit down'. From across the room Little Man suddenly piped up 'SIT DOWN!'. Perhaps he's a man of few words, but when he talks, he means it!
Itsy Bitsy spider has become a favored song here. LM has the cutest hand moves for the spider part. Must try to get those on video.

LM loves family hugs. Especially when Gus, The WonderPug is part of them.

The fascination with Gus, the WonderPug's back end has finally passed. Thank goodness for small miracles.
Little Man is now much more interested in nostrils. He's figured out he can get his finger up to his second knuckle in his nose, and he's on a mission to see how far he can jam his finger up our noses too. Can't wait until this phase passes.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I love the fascination with putting things in containers when it means they help clean up, in the garbage-can is so frustrating though! I'm sure our alphabet is going to end up with less than 26 letters soon.

    The nostril thing is so funny! K recently found his belly button, much cleaner!

    So jealous of the talking! We still don't have much for words, he's good at communicating but no words that others can identify yet other than dada. He's close with cracker though 'cwwaaaka'

    Make sure you record 'itsy bitsy' that sounds so cute!


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