Trick or Treating with The Flash

© Cheese Curds and Kimchi
Yep. The Flash. A better costume could not have been made for our son. He has one speed, and that is FAST. He's always on the run. Sprinting from one new adventure to the next. Plus, The Man and I were both hard-core Super Friends fans when we were kids.

And so, The Flash was exactly perfect for him!

On Friday, LM had trick or treating at his daycare. Then on Friday night they had a fall carnival at the daycare where there were lots of games and pizza and fun stuff. He wasn't in to wearing his mask, but he did entertain the crowd by darting all over the place. He was a red blur for most of the evening.

On Sunday, we trick or treated in the neighborhood. Yeah, I know Sunday was the 30th, but in Wisconsin they have this bizarre Halloween routine--they assign days and times that you can trick or treat. Weird. So our village's day was Sunday, from 1-4 p.m.

By Sunday, LM had the routine down. He was fine wearing his face mask, which was super awesome because he has another cold (!) and the mask soaked up covered all the snot which seems to be never ending these days.

By far, his favorite thing about trick or treating was running up the driveways to each house. We went to about 5 houses on our block with people that we know, and he couldn't understand why they kept handing him stuff. But he rolled with it. He's cool like that.

Afterwards, we met up with our besties and headed off to the village party, where there was a bonfire and music. It was like a rave for tiny people. Only instead of alcohol and jello shots, we had ice cream and jelly beans.

And one more pic. Gus, the Wonder Pug was also in costume. Of course, he was a superhero too.  Because of The Flash's speed, I couldn't both superheros in the same photo. But I did snap a photo of Underdog last year, so here it is so you can see the amazing power he has! (That would be the power of extreme cuteness.)

Happy Halloween!

© Cheese Curds and Kimchi


  1. SO cute! He makes an awesome flash, that photo is priceless. Underdog is so cool too! I just love your photos, you have such a talent, lucky boy to have his life so expertly captured.

  2. Loving your pictures! So adorable! :) Happy Halloween! :)


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