Friday Flotsam (on a Monday): Veterans, finalization and World Orphan Day

Holy smokes. I have been working on the Friday post for about 10 days. And still, I didn't manage to get it posted on Friday. Argh. Things have been ridiculously crazy here.

So, a belated Happy Veterans Day! Especially thinking of my Dad, all three grandfathers, father-in-law and husband today. So proud of them all for their service. There are assorted other cousins, and uncles who were in the service as well. Funny, but I never really thought about our family being one with a military history, but I guess we are!

Also notable, was the 11th marked the six-month anniversary of our big plane trip from Korea. I sort of have mixed feelings about this. To be very honest, we are still working on attachment, and some part of me thought we'd be way past that by now. I know attachment is a long process. But it still bums me out.

I cringe when I hear other adoptive moms talking about how they and their child started to bond instantly, and remind myself that everyone has their own journey. I'm not sure I really believe that "instantly" thing, and wonder if some adoptive parents are seeing their children through rose-colored glasses and perhaps aren't aware of the signs of struggle their kids might be having. (I admit that I'm jealous of these stories though!) It sounds a bit unrealistic to me. But I try not to compare our lives to others. I only know what our journey has been, and it has been a slow process.

We did have a lovely weekend. Short, but lovely. On Friday night we went to a tree lighting event that was really fun. Hung out with our best friends and their sweetie, B. Goofed off on Saturday with the fam before I had to work. Made pancakes on Sunday morning. And then went to a friends baby shower (solo!) which was really nice.

I realized how rarely I get away for a few hours to myself, and have to admit that I felt a little guilty about it. I found I was anxious to return, and kept wondering LM and his daddy were doing. It was good to be away for a bit though. When I got home, we all had a good play session outside. Nothing fantastic this weekend....just hanging.

Saturday we received some of our finalization paperwork. We are still awaiting one more piece of paperwork from the state and then we can set our court date. Yay! Getting so close now.

And, finally, today is World Orphan's Day. I have never liked the word 'orphan'. And it positively breaks my heart to think of LM ever described that way. I guess I think of him as 'displaced' before we were matched with him. He had a family---we just hadn't found him yet.

Fortunately in LM's life, he was always loved and cared for. We are thankful for that (thank you SWS!) and today, I hope that some of the world's other 145 million orphans grow to know the love of a family too.


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  1. You are not alone. Neither of our 2 kids were immediate bonds. And for a long time I thought my 1st hated me and/or I must be the worst at motherhood for him not to warm to me instantly. I especially thought this because the other adoptive families I met also spoke of instant or near instant bond. I like the rose colored glasses idea of perception.It is plausible.


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