L: Help bring a Serbian prince to his forever family

Just stumbled across this great blog, Adventures of Axel and Ianna.

Their story is great and they are adopting a 7-year-old boy from Belgrade to join their family of four. 'L' also has Down Syndrome, as do their other two children. I love their blog and am excited for them to finally be united with 'L'.

It's also quite interesting to learn more about their process, as it's quite different from Korea's. They have accepted a referral, but do not yet know their son's given name, haven't seen his face yet, and do not even know the full condition of his health. They have a tentative date to meet 'L' on Nov. 21st.

They are in the final days of fundraising to bring 'L' home, and are raffling off a Nikon 3100 camera kit to raise the last $1500 they need. The raffle ends midnight, Nov. 15. Raffle tickets are $20 each. Click HERE to hop on over and help bring this family together!



  1. I donated ! What an awesome story,and an awesome giveaway.

  2. Thank you for posting! Actually, we have more than four. We just have four in the HOUSE right now! HA! We have five adult sons who are now on their own, then at home we have our 15 year old with DS, 11 year old with DS (adopted from Serbia one year ago) and then our new little guy coming home. We know his name now, and the rest of his information, but aren't allowed to share it since he's not legally ours. VERY SOON that will all change! Thanks again for posting!


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