Sick day


We've all got the ick.  And it won't go away.

Today Little Man and I are home together on a sick day. We've been fighting the ick around here since Thanksgiving. At that time, he'd had congestion and a nasty cough for weeks. After the third visit to the doctor they finally treated him for a sinus infection.

Antibiotics seemed to clear things up until just before Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went to urgent care. Congestion was back. So was the fever and now he was messing with his ears. Double ear infection.

Again, antibiotics. Things improved right away and stayed that way, until we went off the meds. A few days later, congestion and the nasty cough were back. And he was messing with his ears again.

Back to the doctor. And again, another ear infection. More antibiotics too.


So we are both hanging at home. Just a couple of sickies. (LM always shares his colds with mommy!)

Hope to get over this ick soon. We have new snow pants and want to go out and play!

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  1. You know what I've found that kills everything?? Oregano OIL! Get it. YOu can get it at Whole Foods or a local apothecary. It is shown to kill viruses even staff infection better than antibiotics!!


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