The Sick Pit

Hello there. I've missed talking to you! But it's hard to write from the Sick Pit. That's where I live now.

Little Man had the double ear infection in December. Followed by a single ear infection in January. He finally had a few weeks of relative healthiness.

And then it was my turn. A two-week bout with a sinus infection. I'm running on fumes for energy so I hit the sack after I put LM to bed.

Finally starting to feel better when...The Man gets that awful head cold. OMG. Will it never end???

So, this weekend was the first time that all three of us have been relatively healthy. I even said as much to The Man as we were out and about on Sunday.

Why would I do that??? Jinx!

Monday morning---back at the doctor's office.

LM has pink eye.


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