One year ago

Dear Little Man,

You probably don't realize what a special day Friday was for us. Heck, we nearly let it slip by ourselves.

Friday, February 17, was our Referralversary! Yep, one year ago on Friday we looked at your sweet face for the first time.

Hard to believe how much has changed since then. It seems as if we've always been together. As if you've always been climbing and running and jumping. As if you've always cracked us up. As if we've always been in awe of how amazing you are. But really, it hasn't been that long.

February 17, 2011 probably wasn't a big day for you, Sweetheart. But it was a huge day for us. It was the day that our "if" became "when". It was the first day that we saw your face and knew your name. For us, it was like a finding the missing piece of a giant puzzle. We just needed to bring you home for our puzzle to be complete.

One year ago, sweet boy, I jumped into your daddy's arms when I came home, and we cried together at the joy of knowing we'd one day be united with you. We joyfully called friends and family to share our wonderful news. We poured over your referral papers countless times, reading and re-reading the information about you and trying to imagine what you might be doing half a world away. And we said thanks to your Korean umma who brought you into this world.

Our arms ached to hold you. We spent long nights talking about what it would be like to meet you and how we could help you through the loss of all that you knew. We worried about what parenthood would hold for us. We wondered what life with you would be like.

February 17, 2011 changed everything for us. Your presence into our lives made all that came before it seem like an old black and white movie. With you, the world shines with a technicolor brilliance.

I love you, Sunshine. 

Always and ever,


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