One year: Our first Forever Family Day

They handed him to us. He was dressed in a tiny blue pantsuit with shoes several sizes too big.

His foster mother's eyes were red-rimmed from crying but she didn't let a tear fall in front of him. His foster father said his wishes for him were that he'd be a good, kind person who cared about others. I started to sob as the social worker told us it was time to go.

We stepped into the tiny silver elevator, the doors closing while his foster parents waved goodbye.

We were all shocked, not sure what had really just happened.

His eyes were big during the cab ride. He sat quietly in my lap and watched the world pass by the windows. We walked into our hotel and hurried up to our room.

Now what?

The Man and Little Man parked themselves on the floor for an impromptu picnic. He made funny faces as he tried the baby food we brought. He ate quietly, staring at The Man. He still hadn't cried at all. He was so tough.

We attempted our first nap time. And he slept! The Man and I locked eyes over his sleeping head. We are a family.


Family Day, 2012
One year since that day. Wow. I just can't believe how it can seem like forever and just yesterday at the same time. My heart still pounds as I relive those moments.

As I reflect on the past year, the word that comes to mind is more. With Little Man in our lives, we've experienced more of so many things:

More joy.
More challenges.
More living in the present.
More juggling.
More full hearts.
More amazement.

Just, more of everything.

It was definitely more difficult than I had anticipated. I guess when you picture your life with kids, you know it will be tough, but nothing can really prepare you for the reality of it. And the adoption aspect of things makes it a little more of a challenge. Not everyone's attachment process is the same, but for us, this first year wasn't easy. I think we are starting to get to a good place, but it's definitely been a long, slow process for us. We are still on our journey.

But for all the ups and downs (and sleep deprivation), really, becoming a family has been more incredible than I imagined. I am constantly amazed by this tiny person. He's such a fighter (which sometimes really drives me crazy) and has a strong heart. He's passionate, sweet, determined, and exuberant. Smart, funny, loving...

Daily, I think, how the hell did we get so lucky? How did this amazing person end up in our lives?

There's all kinds of ways to explain it. Fate, a higher power, karma, whatever. I have no idea what brought us all together. But I'm truly thankful.


  1. Love it!! And hugs to all of you - I was so excited for you a year ago and am still so, so happy that the three of you are a family, together. Happy family day!!

  2. Happy family day!! What a year eh?!

  3. That is a wonderful story and i hope to have my very own story like yours soon. God Bless your family:)

  4. I am stopping by from Blogger! I love your story.

  5. He is soooo cute! And you are all so cute together. So happy for you.

  6. .....I had to hold back tears as I read your post, and even now as I'm attempting to comment....What a beautiful thing. I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family! I look forward to reading more about your life journey together.


  7. Came accross your blog through another. Thanks for acknowleding that your first year of attachment wasn't easy. I read that and somehow connected with you without you even knowing who I am. My husband and I adopted a sibling pair from Poland 2 years ago and out first year was rough too. Things have settled down now and we are all in our groove so to speak, but there were alot of relationship dynamics to figure out at first. Some even with in laws that I didn't expect to have to deal with. It all didn't de-rail us to much, though, becuase we are headed back to Poland soon to adopt another. A sister. I am much wiser this time around! Continued joy and love throughout your life! What a beautiful gift your family is!


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