Friday Flotsam: 7.27.2012

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All winter long here in Wisconsin, we are waiting for the weather to get warmer so we can play outside.

This summer, we've waited for the weather to cool down so we can play outside.

Sigh. I'm so over this heat.
Our second batch of robins have hatched! They nested in the tree right outside our bedroom window, giving us an up-close view of the whole process. The first fledglings left the nest last month, and now we have another batch of 4 babies! This poor brood has had it a bit rough with the heat and rain the past few days. The pic above is last month's babies just after hatching.
Just read this super great article at Rage Against The Machine titled "parents, please educate your kids about adoption so mine don't have to". Please read it, whether you are an adoptive family or not. In fact, please please please read it especially if you are not an adoptive family.
Hanging with Grandma this week. The Man's mom made the trek out and is staying with us for two weeks. Little Man is having a ball and enjoys having another person to entertain boss around. We are enjoying having an extra pair of eyes and hands. And another bonus---we get to go out to dinner, just the two of us! It's sure gonna be hard when she has to go...


  1. First---AWESOME photo! I keep scrolling back, to look at it. SEcondly....Yeah for grandma, and date nights!

  2. Wow, super cool photo, so great!

    Thanks for that article, shared it with my friends.

    Congrat's on date-night how exciting! I wonder if you'll forget yourself and cut all your food into little bits? Have fun!


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