As long as we're talking films...Finding Seoul

As long as we are talking adoption films...this one is on my list of movies to see. Filmmaker John Sanvidge from NYC shares his adoption story, and subsequent return to Korea to search for his birth parents in his movie "Finding Seoul".

The film looks interesting but there's one key thing that the filmmaker says (in the second trailer) that makes me really want to see it. He says he's always felt like there was something missing in his life. And that sentiment is something that really scares me as an adoptive mom. I know that no amount of love or happiness can prevent him from feeling feelings like that, and I won't be able to fix it for him. If he does feel that loss (as many adoptees do) I can only hope that he knows we will always support his efforts to explore his feelings and do whatever we can to help him be at peace with them.

Hopefully some of this is addressed in the film. It's only one person's perspective, but we can learn something from everyone.

For more information, or to purchase the film, go HERE.



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