It's official: I love PSY

Thought this guy was a crack up in the Korean Fight Song video. Just found another video on You.Tube and it's official: I love PSY!

PSY (AKA Park Jae Sang) is a Korean pop singer. Here's what Wikipedia says about him:
"PSY received his education in the United States, graduating from both Boston University and Berklee College of Music.[citation needed] He was fined for his first album, the reason being that his music promoted inappropriate content for underage listeners.[citation needed] His second album was also banned."

Clearly that was a ban in Korea and not the U.S. I think he hysterical and his music has a great beat. Plus, from a videographer/editor perspective, the videos are super well produced.

Make sure and watch clear to the end to see the awesome parking garage dance off! (FYI--this video isn't suitable to the younger crowds.)

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