Friday Flotsam: 8.3.2012

Made this picture of a tip jar at the State Fair. The girls definitely had a sense of humor.


"No. Bite. Nana. Gus."

Little Man's first four-word sentence last week as he was eating a banana and wanted to tell our dog Gus that he wasn't going to get a bite. (LM is quite bossy with Gus and quite particular about who he shares banana with.)

It's so fun to see his language skills developing. Actually, it's one of the most entertaining things about this stage for me. In the middle of tantrums, indecision and his constant insistence in doing everything himself, when he uses a new word it always makes me smile.


Great news for several of our Korean adoptive parents who recently received referrals. (Hooray for Dana and Elizabeth!) And plenty of other folks who received travel news. So happy to see things moving again on the Korean adoption front!


Found THIS awesome tutorial and plans for making a see saw for around $30. Thinking The Man has a new project...my contribution will be riding on it!


Because I believe all things are connected and I have an affinity for silver rings, totally lusting after THIS right now. They also do custom name rings for all you mamas out there.


Great piece on teaching your children to be problem solvers in this post Evergreen "answers" to your kids' questions at Parent Hacks. Think I'm going to apply some of these techniques to the adults I know who seem to be independently challenged....

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  1. Oh that is adorable! How extra sweet that his first four-word sentence was to Gus about a banana? Can't wait till K starts talking, even if it's to be bossy! (I wonder if I'm going to eat those words?)


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