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Color! Color!

Little Man runs and grabs the art bin, filled with colors and coloring pages. As I pull out the pages and watch him greedily grab handfuls of colors, I watch as he scribbles swaths of blue across a tiger's face.

Most of our coloring pages are animals, numbers, letters, or cartoons. We really don't have any with people in them yet.

Right now he's seeing depictions that have a typical American bent. The scenes are American and show things he recognizes from his life here: housing styles, city scenes, buildings, flags, etc.

That's a great starting point, but we've begun talking about Korea. It would be nice to tie the concept of Korea as a real place and coloring depictions of life there would be awesome!

So, I'm hunting around for some Asian-themed coloring pages.

It's been tougher than I thought it would be! I've found some Asian coloring pages online, but most of theme tend to be educationally themed and really boring for a two-year-old. There are quite a few Chinese New Year coloring pages, which at least depict Asian people. Those will suffice for now but I was looking for slice-of-life themes instead of a logo for a holiday.

So far, little luck.

I'm putting in the links to a few things I have found. If any of you have come across books you like, please share them!

Korean girl in hanbok, Korean flag & Bibimbop
Hanbok, Tol and Korean flag pages
Asian Buildings and Houses
China coloring pages
Japan coloring pages
Chinese people coloring pages
Chinese New Year coloring pages

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  1. Barnes and Noble carries a line of embroidery design books. They have line drawings which are certainly suitable for coloring - I don't know if there's a Korean book, but they make a generic Asian one.


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