Friday Flotsam (on a Saturday) 9.1.2012


I hear Little Man chatting away. I look around the corner and he's holding his remote control up to his ear, his shoulder hunched up against it, acting like he's talking on the phone.

Uh huh. Oh yeah.

I laugh. Evidently this is what he thinks is appropriate phone conversation.

I duck back into the kitchen, heart happy, listening to him chatter on in a one-sided conversation.

Yuv ooo.

I stop. He just said "love you". I wait to see what follows next. Who can he be imagining he's talking to?

Bye bye Daddy. See ya.

Great post by an adoptee Nathan Sung Budziak (Ki, Chungsung).
For all those moms who are sure they are failing at Momhood, (or even those who think this on occasion), then read this amazing post.
Thought this was a totally funny post at the Pregnant Chicken blog about shaken baby syndrome. I realize this is an irony...saying a post about shaking babies could be funny. But I can totally relate---there are definitely times when I've totally understood how a kid's crying (or fill in the blank) can drive you to extremes.
Thank you Simple Mom for the reminder that imperfect homes have a perfection of another kind.
I'm reaching for this post about fine motor skills helping children hit the reset button when they are totally out of control.
Oh, how I love this tradition of making birthday trees!

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  1. total melt! so, so sweet LM!

    and I may be pulling out those fine motor activities for my very active little one. Might help!

    Thanks for the flotsam :)


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