Friday Flotsam: 9.14.2012

Oops. Fell off the wagon again. Last week my parents were here and there wasn't a single moment to blog! We filled every minute we could with family and had a blast! Every day, the first thing Little Man would say when he awoke was "Grandma sleeping? Papa?" and he'd rush out the door to track them down.

We did a couple huge things while they were here. The first weekend, The Man tried his hand on the race track. He's not a big racing fan, but he's always said he thought it would be a blast to drive one of those cars. So he did! We got him a day racing experience at the track where he took a short driving class and then drove a race car for 12 laps! Awesome!

Big grin! © Cheese Curds & Kimchi

The next weekend we ran the Tough Mudder. So much fun! It seems like another lifetime when The Man and I went off and did these sort of silly things. Grandma and Papa came with us and Little Man hung out with his favorite babysitter. We came back covered in mud and really tired, but wearing huge smiles. Sometimes it's really great to get out and do things alone.

Tough Mudders. © Cheese Curds & Kimchi

The rest of our days were filled with Little Man goading them to chase him around the house, or snuggling up with Grandma, or hanging out on Grandpa's shoulders. We found all sorts of little things during the day...a picnic in the park, hanging on the beach, hiking in the woods, touring the Miller Brewery, hunting for butterflies at the nature preserve, going to the kite festival and listening to music at Jazz in the Park.

Looking for frogs. © Cheese Curds & Kimchi
Captivated by the kites. © Cheese Curds & Kimchi
Picnic. © Cheese Curds & Kimchi

But then, before we knew it, the week was over. Definitely the worst part of the week! We watched them load up into their motor home, Grandma and I shedding more than a few tears. I wasn't sure what reaction Little Man would have, but he did great. He waved and blew kisses. You aren't ever really sure what kids this age are processing, but he told us later (over and over) about how Grandma and Papa got in their "big truck" and went bye-bye. He gets this little sad face when he tells us the story. And now he just pretends they are here, and leaves them cookies at the places where they sat at the table.

Thanks Grandma and Papa for coming out! We had an awesome time.


Here are my favorite posts this week:

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  1. I just got I Love You Rituals too! Can't wait to see what you have to say. PS Love the pics!


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