Flea markets, Fisher Price and Fall

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Happy Monday!

We had such a great weekend. Little Man has been a bit of a challenge in the past few weeks (two-year-old trauma). So having our sweet and happy boy back for the entire weekend made this mama really happy.

We started out with dinner at a pancake house on Friday. His eating-out dinner manners are a work in progress. But he has been working hard on making good choices, and when he started having a little meltdown, we talked about his choices---and he chose wisely! (Score one for Mommy!)

On Saturday, we tromped around at our local farmer's market, loading up on beets and rainbow chard. Mmmm. I also scored a huge box of wooden trains/tracks at a garage sale, so while I was at work Saturday night, The Man and Little Man turned the living room into a train station. I got the cutest phone call at work and heard "Mommy, play choo choo, thank you Mommy." Melt!

On Sunday, it was beautiful weather and a perfect fall day, although a little cold. We packed up the kiddo and headed up to a flea market. The Man and I have been huge junk hounds for years, but since Little Man came home, we haven't set foot in an antique store or even thought about a flea market. Little Man sat in his Chariot (AKA, the best stroller ever....) happily munching on snacks and people watching.

And while he was sitting quiet and content, we were freaking out like two kids in a candy store.  I haven't blogged about our love for the vintage Fisher Price stuff, but I will. Everywhere we turned at the flea market, we kept finding new FP treasures! We tried to contain ourselves somewhat, but we did add to our collection quite a bit.

(Now, I must admit that we have quite a few of the playsets already that Little Man occasionally plays with. He's not overly into them---at this point. We are hoping he'll grow into that soon. So all this excitement over finding new sets at the flea market was really about buying Fisher Price stuff that The Man and I remembered and loved from our childhoods. One of the fun parts of parenting!)

I also had a huge blast from my past when we saw the Suzy Homemaker Oven, complete with the box! (Who saves these boxes from childhood toys anyway???!!) I had this very same oven as a kid and loved it. It has 2 100-watt bulbs in the bottom that will scorch "bake" your favorite things. In fact, one of my favorite memories is when I was baking and my cake magically changed from a dirt pile to a delicious cake! (Of course, the magic was really my Mom!) I somehow resisted buying the oven and bringing it home too.

The weekend finished up with this ROASTED CORN AND POTATO CHOWDER, and a nice walk.

So, we are starting the week with a big smile. Hope you are too!


  1. Love it!! Sounds like an amazing weekend. Hope to see you all soon!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! So cool you have vintage FP, can't wait to see O playing with your childhood loves :) Sounds like you got big momma-points on the trains, K LOVES his wooden set.
    PS that pic of you is priceless, you're adorable!

  3. Love, love, LOVE vintage Fisher Price Little People.

    It's kinda my obsession.

    Will be following you now! Sent here courtesy of BlogHer.

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