Friday Flotsam: 10.5.2012

Our third ChuSeok came and went. Unfortunately, this year's holiday wasn't one for our record books.

We had planned to celebrate with our friends at Families Through Korean Adoption, but on Friday, Little Man came home with a fever....which persisted through the weekend.

So, on to Plan B. I had everything to make jab chae except the motivation. So, we got take-out from the Korean restaurant in town and piled onto the couch and watched Toy Story. Little Man is not the kind of guy who sits still very long, so this was the first time that we've ever done that! And we forgot how much we loved this movie!

I feel sort of guilty that while Little Man wasn't feeling great, I was really loving the snuggle time with him. I mean, really loving it. I am now fighting off the paranoid notion that I'm a bad mommy and probably have Munchausen By Proxy.

After Little Man was in bed early, The Man and I stuffed our faces with a dozen of the ridiculously awesome cookies that I had baked to take to the FTKA party. The eating of the cookies continued throughout the weekend until Monday and I sent the remaining two dozen cookies to work with The Man.

Ugh. Guess I'll be spending extra time at the gym this week.

The upside is that by Monday, Little Man was feeling lots better and back to his very sassy self.

Hoping next year we'll be able to celebrate in a more traditional style!
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