Friday Flotsam: 10.12.2012

Grab the tissues---you are going to need them when you watch this movie trailer. Remember the pastor that I mentioned in THIS post? Well, here's a preview of a new documentary film that features him and his work.

There are so many reasons I cried when watching this. Of course, it's hard to think about babies being abandoned in this way. Imagining them, alone and vulnerable like this is terrifying. It hurts to think of the questions that will surely arise for them later as they deal with the fact that they were abandoned in a box.

But I feel equally as hurt to envision the pressures these mothers must have been under to do such a thing. The very act of placing your child in a box is so desperate, broken, hopeless. It speaks volumes that they could not look someone in the face and place their child in their arms. Do they feel ashamed? Ashamed that they are pregnant? Or ashamed that they cannot or choose not to care for the child?

We can't know what the circumstances are that led to the decision, but surely, the lack of acceptance for an unwed mother in the Korean culture must be a mitigating factor for many of them.

I have no blame for them. No blame for the society or culture. It is what it is. It's just difficult to see the results---abandoned children.

But mostly the tears start to fall when I think, that could have been my child. That could have been my child's birth mother who was making that decision. But it wasn't because she made an adoption plan for him. She braved walking into an agency, having a conversation with people face to face, and following through on a plan for her baby. Thank goodness she had the conviction to do this!

I wonder if she had doubts about doing it this way? Wonder if she too was ever tempted to try and hide, to keep this child's birth a secret and place him in a box where she'd never have to answer questions about why and how? What made her choose her path? Oh, how I wish I could talk with her and ask.

I wish I could thank her.

Of course, there are some happy tears too. Thankful tears, that there are good people out there like this pastor. Good people who take the most innocent and give them a place---a family.

I'm gonna be a mess when this movie comes out. Better start buying stock in Kleenex now!

So watch this preview. And get through it without a tear. I dare you.

"The Drop Box" - Documentary PROMO from Brian Ivie on Vimeo.

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