Friday Flotsam: 2012.10.26ish

I'm seriously thinking about giving up on Friday Flotsam. It's not that I don't want to do it. It's just that by the end of the week I'm busy catching up on all the things that I didn't get done during the week.

So...you have Friday Flotsam on a Monday afternoon. Wednesday night Friday Monday morning. I know you understand. But for the Type-A person I am, this just won't do.


Two weekends ago (since I'm weeks behind here) we headed out in 50-degree weather, braving the downpour and strong winds to watch The Man race mountain bikes. Little Man and I bundled up, put on our rain gear and had a ball stomping in puddles and playing in the rain.

But it got cold and so we decided to warm up in the car. I've always been paranoid about starting the car with him in it, worried that the inevitable "doors locked with baby inside" combination would happen. But we were freezing...so I started the car and rolled down the window while I tried to break down our stroller. I let the wild man rove unbelted because we were going to be hanging in the car for quite a while.

Once I was done, I rolled the window up and realized I had left something in the stroller. I reached for it and---the car door closed. And guess what?

It was locked.

So now, I have energy boy bouncing around in a running vehicle, while we are out in the woods and far away from any help.


I quickly remembered we had a hide-a-key and had a sigh of relief to know the crisis was averted.

Except the hide-a-key evidently fell off at some point.

Now I was starting to panic. Little Man though, thought this was great fun, jumping around in the car while Mommy stood in the rain.

Going for broke, I thought I'd try one last thing. I called to Little Man and pointed frantically at the window buttons on the door. He hesitantly stepped into the front seat and looked at me inquisitively. Then he began raiding the bag full of lunch snacks that was sitting on the passenger side. I kept knocking and pointing. He gave me a sly smile and touched the controls. I jumped up and down and clapped, cheering for him. So he did it again. The window cracked an 1/8". More cheering and jumping. And he repeated the action.

A few seconds later the window was open enough that I could get into the car.


The car now has a new hide-a-key. And Little Man knows how to open the windows.

So, win-win, right?


Just downloaded the CharityMiles app on my iPhone. Have any of you used this? Corporate sponsors donate $.25/mile for walking or running and $.10/mile for biking to a charity of choice. Yay! Now I can get sweaty and do some philanthropy at the same time.

A great story about an U.S.-born Korean woman who returns to the land of her mother's roots, and her journey through the culture and their food. Good story (so far...still trying to finish it).

We are trying THIS GAK RECIPE this weekend. Looks like sticky fun!

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