Friday Flotsam: 11.2.2012

I hope you are sitting down. You should be, for shock of seeing an actual Friday Flotsam post, ON A FRIDAY!! It must be weird for you.

Halloween came and went, and this year we had so much fun! Little Man was a pirate. He isn't much of a fan of accessories such as a hook, eye patch or even carrying a candy bucket. I was able to pin him down and draw on a goatee. It only lasted a few minutes with all the drool and snot. :)

He had a full Halloween weekend. It started with a trick or treating party at his school. Cute as a bowlful of kittens watching all those 2-year-olds march around their school. That night the entire school had an old-fashioned Halloween party with games, pizza and a caramel apple station. Little Man hooked up with kids from his classroom, one named Quinn, and they ran all over the place having a blast. It was really cool to see him actually playing with other kids instead of side-by-side play as kids do when they are younger. He's growing up so fast! 

On Sunday, we did trick or treating. I know it was only the 28th, but here in Wisconsin they do this crazy thing of SCHEDULING TRICK OR TREAT TIMES. Crazy!! And it's not even on the 31st! Odd tradition, but there you have it.

So, at 1 p.m. in the afternoon on a Sunday, we headed out. He got the hang of trick or treating pretty fast which was lots of fun. We have a great neighborhood and know all the folks on both sides of the street for about 4-5 houses in each direction. He knocked, said "E-E treat!" and then proceeded to help himself to their candy bowl. Ha! This year we did let him have a bit of candy which he thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, bribery was the only way I could get him to keep his pirate hat on.

When we got home I deftly maneuvered and replaced most of his candy with small toys (bugs and spiders) and fruity or healthier snacks. I know, we are the meanest parents ever not to let him fully indulge in all the candy. I'm sure we won't get away with this in the next few years.

Sunday night we hooked up with some friends for what we call "the baby rave". It's an annual Halloween party put on the village. A live DJ, plenty of decorations and smoke, glow sticks and goody bags. The party has it all. And, a giant bonfire! We hung with the kiddos for a bit, and then called it quits.

So after our huge Halloween weekend, the actual Halloween day was pretty uneventful.

Now to start thinking of something original for next year's costume. Hate buying the costumes, but dang, who has time to actually make something??!!


A must read post about Katie, who loves all things Star Wars and has been bullied for it. Some serious Star Wars fans had her back and made her a custom Stormtrooper costume, following the original movie specs. Awesome!
Love the idea of sending notes in the kiddo's lunch to let them know that you miss them. HERE is a good post with a download to some fun games you can put in your kid's lunch.
I really love this post about trying to appreciate and remember all the fleeting moments as we watch our children grow. Two is really such a magical age (when it's not the oh-my-god-I-hope-he-outgrows-this-soon age).
I'll be joining in on this 21 Days of Gratitude project. Always great to step back and look at the wonderful, the positive, the good in your life. Check back tomorrow when I'll get the gratitude rolling!

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  1. Hey, thank you for the link! I'm so behind on blog reading and enjoyed getting caught up here. :)


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