Friday Flotsam: 11.30.2012: Adoption Awareness month

Oh dear...Adoption Awareness Month has come and gone and I've hardly written much about it. But I've been reading. And watching.

This video completely cracks me up. Maybe it's too much of an inside joke? But I put it out there for you to enjoy anyway.

As for National Adoption Month, I've been a tad turned off by the overly pushiness of some adoption promoters (see THIS post for more about that). I do like the original intent of the month to open the door to the discussions about adoption in all of it's forms and from a multitude of perspectives. These discussions are great but I have to wonder if anyone outside of the adoption community really pays attention to National Adoption Month? Are we just talking to ourselves? Do we really need a whole month to remind us to think about these things?

Here's a few of my favorite posts from this year's offerings.

Have a great weekend!


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I Hope She Will Seek Me Out: Portrait of An Adoption


  1. LOVED the video, that made me laugh! I've gotten most of those in the last 2.5 years . . .

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