Gratitude Project: The Big Finale

(This post is days 19-21 of the 21 Days of Gratitude project.)

How's that for a cliff hanger? I got all the way up to day 18 and then fizzled out. Eek.

No, I didn't fall into a sudden coma (which would kind of suck but at least I'd be getting some sleep).

Nor, did I take an impromptu galavant off to France (where I would definitely sleep).

It was just the frantic lead-up to the holiday and finishing a major project at work. Which has meant lots of work and little play.

But, here's the last three things I'm thankful for, in no particular order.

#19: My Four-legged Baby
I've been working on a proper post for months (although I haven't managed to finish it yet) about how much I love Gus, the Tropical Pug. (So named because this dog has yet to meet any piece of fruit, mainly of the tropical persuasion, that he doesn't absolutely love.) This post isn't going to do any justice in helping you know how freaking awesome he is. But take my word...he's awesome.

He's shifted gracefully from being the center of our universe to sharing the spotlight with a bi-ped.

He's great with Little Man, takes his job as lead floor cleaner very seriously, and is happy to see me.


I have never loved a dog like this. And he came into our lives completely by accident. I'm eternally grateful for that.

#20: We have enough
I overheard someone say that since they dropped their cable subscription, they noticed that they felt better about their lives. I thought they meant that they had more money now, or maybe felt better about watching less TV.

But what they were talking about was that when they watched television, they saw people who had more. Saw beautiful homes. Or fancy cars. Or lavish lifestyles.

They were watching fantasy and seeing so much of it, that it altered their expectations of reality.

Really, most of us have enough. We just need to learn to recognize what we have. And then...the kicker. Be happy with it.

Today, I am grateful that we have enough. Enough love. Enough food. Enough stuff. I could list so many things, but all our basic needs are met, plus some. We don't live lavishly, or have a perfect life.

We argue. Wish we had a new bathroom. Need a new car.

But overall, we are really damned lucky. That other stuff just leaves us a little room for improvement. ---that's a good thing. It gives us something to aspire to.  

#21: Family
Sounds cheesy, but I'm very thankful and grateful for my family. All of them. Even the ones that drive me crazy.

My mom is one of eight children. My dad, an only child. And in my immediate family, there are three girls. Both sides of the family are as different as night and day, but without experiences I've had with all of them, I would not be who I am.

Sure, family can drive you stark ravin' crazy. And they often did. But these are the people who loved me, no matter what. Who showed me how I did (and sometimes didn't) want to live my life. Who taught me about courage, determination, forgiveness, and the fullness that being with family can bring.

We've lived away from them all for 18 years now. We moved away shortly after we were married, believing it was only for a few years. We just wanted to see something of the world. To make a life on our own. And we did that, but along the way, we kept moving farther and farther.

It's become more difficult now, to get back to them. But we desperately want to. And I'm sure when we do, they will drive me crazy again. Living in close proximity (hell, even in the same state is going to be a big deal) can do that.

But really, I just can't wait to be near them again. Because I really love those guys and am thankful that they are my people.

Remind me of that, someday, when they are driving me stark ravin' crazy and want to move far away.


Wahoo! This concludes the 21 Days of Gratitude project! Thanks for playing along!

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  1. I think you saved some of your best for last!

    How did your dad ever cope with that kind of transition? From quiet Christmases to chaos. Holy cow!


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