Gratitude Day 15: Do overs

(This post is day 15 of the 21 Days of Gratitude project.)

My first hint that today was going to be a rough one came shortly after I awoke. As I stumbled into the kitchen at 5:30 (literally stumbling) I turned on the light to find that our cat had puked on the counter top (which she is not supposed to be on), and the aforementioned puke was also on my purse, which was on the counter as well.

After I cleaned that up, I went into the living room to find that the Tropical Pug had a party in there last night, emptying the small garbage can and shredding the contents, redecorating the living room as he saw fit. Lovely.

I didn't think I was in for a doozy of a day, but no matter what I did, things seemed to keep going the wrong way. Bad hair. Put on favorite sweater only to find that it had been miniaturized in the laundry instead of being dry-cleaned. Computer problems. Late assignment. More computer problems. No cell service when I needed it.

You get the point.

(Were the planet all aligned to have all this stuff happen on the same day? Or was I just letting these things add up in the name of "I'm having a really bad day"? Hmm.)

Finally, the afternoon was over and I rushed home to hang out with Little Man...who treated me to a two-hour scream fest. Not the good kind of screaming, mind you. I guess he was having one of those days too.

Some days it's hard to find things to be grateful about. Today was one of those days.

But, the upshot is that tomorrow is a clean slate. Tomorrow has the possibility of being better than today.

I can be thankful for that.

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  1. Nice turn on a bad day.

    Makes me feel all Scarlett O'Hara inside.



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