Gratitude Day 16: Traditions

(This post is day 16 of the 21 Days of Gratitude project.)

Granted, it's a mall. And it's not even Thanksgiving.

But it is really cool. We attended the tree lighting celebration at the city center (which happens to be at the mall, weird). Last year Little Man was just a baby when we went. Today, we watched our little boy run and yell along with his friend, marveling at the Christmas tree lights and asking for hot chocolate. We took family photos in front of the tree and played on the lawn (it's an outdoor lighting), listening to the holiday music.

We had so much fun, and it was great to reflect on where our little family was at this time a year ago. It's our second holiday season and we are starting to have traditions!

This is what I'm thankful for today!

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  1. Here's to many many more years of these kinds of traditions! It's funny how quickly things become "yearly" events simply because of the kids. They really remind us of all the fun in life, don't they?


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