Gratitude Day 9: Quiet moments

(This post is day 9 of the 21 Days of Gratitude project.)

Thankful for ten quiet minutes on the couch today, reading books with Little Man. We snuggled together and it was calm and peaceful. Those moments don't happen often for us. So I was very grateful to share ten quiet minutes with him today.


Remember THIS POST the next time you are at a wedding or big event, about how people have started to be so busy capturing the moment, that they don't experience it.
Don't you just love super cute CAR CADDY? Thinkin' my boy needs one. (Of course, that would mean I'd need more than ten quiet minutes!!)
I really liked this post about having a RELAXED CHRISTMAS. Some great suggestions here.
Being a photographer + having cute kid = massive photos that need to be organized! Read this great tutorial if you have the same problem.
Dropping the f-bomb in front of the kiddos.

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