Finally a family of four!

We are back! I thought I would be able to blog from Korea, but the Google Gods blocked me from logging in. Boo.

Now though, we are home and there's not a ton of time to catch up. I'll catch you up on our trip soon, but for now, know that we are settling in and things are going pretty well. Little Man is having a tough time sharing his mommy and daddy, but he's been a great big brother right from the start. He likes helping with diaper changes and feeding. And he is happy to show his brother the toys and give him kisses.


Little Brother is a happy-go-lucky guy and seems to feel right at home. We are seeing more smiles each day and he loves following Little Man around. On Monday, we'll have been his parents for a whole week! It seems like so much longer than that, but there are small things that will remind me that we are still strangers.

Like when I'm cleaning his diaper and scrubbing like heck to get a stubborn piece of poop off his butt. And then I realize that it's a mole. :)

We are spoiled by having my folks here, which has made the getting-to-know-you phase a whole lot easier. They tend to Little Man, shop, clean, cook and remember to take the dog out! Parenting two children is going to be a lot tougher in about a week. I'd better live it up while I can.

We are concentrating on enjoying these first days together. And reminded constantly that life is a very sweet and special gift.


  1. Welcome home!! So glad your parents are able to help ease the adjustment to 2 children - it knocked me on my butt, gotta say. Having extra hands around is great! Can't wait to hug all of you!!!

    1. Was totally wonderful to share our first days at home with them. Hoping to see you guys soon, too!

  2. aw, yay!! Congrats and welcome home!!!!!!

  3. Pix,

    First of all....congrats on your family of four! I am so thrilled that you made it home safely and that both boys are adjusting so well.

    I loved. loved. loved the mole story...ha! I so appreciate how much we are strangers to one another in those first days and weeks. "One day at a time" and "this too shall pass" are still two of my mantras today! Looking back, it is one amazing process, isn't it?

    Keeping you guys in my thoughts for a continued transition that allows you to settle in as a family of four!

    1. Hi Kristin,
      It truly is an amazing process. Enjoying getting to know him more and more each day and learning how we are going to be as a family!


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