One week

Time passes when you are having fun. Or expanding your family. Take your pick.

In our case, today marks one week since we arrived bleary-eyed from Seoul and started living life as a family of four. I can hardly believe how quickly everything is going by!

In fact, it went so quickly that a week had passed before we managed to get the whole gang into a photo.

We are adjusting well here. Dare I say, great? I'm not being pessimistic here, but still very much in the watch and see category. But really, things are good.

Little Man continues to amaze us. He's a patient brother which is perhaps one of the biggest surprises for us because patience is not one of his strengths. We are so proud of him! After the initial first few days where he had a huge emotional let downs after being without us for a week, he started to return to his normal self. We've had an occasional freak out but no more than you'd expect from a regular three-year-old.

Most of the time he's happy to share toys with his little brother, and he's starting to figure out that he can make Little Brother laugh by making funny noises or faces at him. He has told his classmates that Little Brother is from Korea and that he calls him "Boo Boo".

The most challenging part for Little Man is having to share mommy and daddy time. He's a very attention-centric child (I guess most only children would be) and usually has an attentive two-person audience in all he does. Now, he's learning that mom and dad have to split their time and this isn't working well for him. One would think he'd hold that against the reason our time is split, his new brother, but amazingly, he doesn't. He is creative and finds lots of ways to regain our attention.

Each day we are getting to know Little Brother better and better. He's a fairly mellow kid with an easy going temperment. And he's a snuggler. Yay for me!! Right now he's fairly comfortable with either of us, but seems to feel a little more secure with me. However, The Man is quickly gaining ground by being the silly guy, and Little Brother loves silliness.

He has a short little cackle that bursts out when he is amused. It sounds exactly like a tiny terradactyl. I'm 99.9% positive this is how they sounded. He's starting to loosen up though and has let loose a few belly laughs. He finds sneezing incredibly funny.

He also has a crazy amazing throwing arm. I'm sure you are thinking, yeah, right. The kid can throw. But seriously. This. Kid. Can. Throw. I'm fairly certain he has a future in baseball. Or will win a butt load of prizes at the carnival. He has incredible aim, and we are becoming masters in our ninja-like ability to block flying objects.

He also has a smile that will melt your heart. Loves to say "yayayaya" over and over. Hums little tunes to himself when he's playing. Likes to follow his big brother around. And wakes up with a smile.

Yep, things are going pretty well around here.

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