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(Screen capture of hanboks for sale at http://english.11st.co.kr)
It never fails. No matter how much I prepare for our trips, I come back and realize that I didn't buy something. Or couldn't find something.

In this case, I don't have the traditional hat for either of the boy's hanbok. Which I'm not sure is really a huge deal since they stay on for all of 5-seconds. But still.

So of course, with all the free time that I have (insert eye roll here) I have been obsessed with figuring out where to buy Korean items while outside of Korea. Let me tell you. It ain't easy.

I've rounded up some sites for finding Korean goods and posted them to the handy dandy page (on the left side of the page) called....Korean Products & Cultural Products. Clever name, huh? Here's a few highlights from the list:

Little Seouls: Toys, housewares, hanboks. Based in the U.S.

Arts and Crafts Korea: Lots of really great items here, many that are handmade. Clothing, accessories, household items. Plus, they give adoptive families a lifetime 10% discount.

Koreana Gifts And Art: Don't let the really horrible website deter you. Dig around and you'll find a lot of traditional dolls, knives, clothing and drums. They are based out of Los Angeles.

Yes Asia: Toys, gifts, collectibles and K-Drama!! Lots here. Ships to U.S.

HMart: The go-to place for Korean food items, but they also have plenty of household goods, kitchenware, and other items. Also lots of stores around the U.S. so see if there's one near you.

Please go check it out, and definitely let us know if you've found any other places to shop from.

And, if you didn't know, there's also a handy list of Korean themed items such as jewelry or dolls (but they aren't necessarily Korean-made or traditional) found on the Adoption Gift Ideas & Korea-related Products page. It's also located on the left side rail of this blog. There's quite a few great shops to find that special gift!


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