Little Brother: On your 1.5 birthday

Dearest Little Brother,

Happy half-birthday! You are the ripe old age of 1.5 years old. And so much has already happened in your short life. Sometimes this makes me sad. But when I think about how much you've grown in the two months we've known you, I get happy again.

That's a lot like you are. You are a happy guy. It's rare you don't wake up with a smile. You wake up in the morning and push your sweet face into mine. I open my eyes to your grin. I love that.

You flop back down next to me and snuggle. I really love that.

You like to make noises and sing-songs and have me sing them back to you. Your Daddy calls this your "call and response" time. We love that.

When you are ready, you go to your bedroom door and pound on it. You get a huge smile when we leave the room and you toddle down the hall to the kitchen where The Man and Little Man are usually eating breakfast. When you came home just two months ago you were so used to being carried everywhere that you refused to walk. Now you are so fast that we have to hustle to keep up with you. We like that.

You are a massive eater! You are retty spoiled when it comes to meal time though, and like to be fed. Which works for us because whenever we put food on your tray, you look at us and laugh. You then immediately throw the food across the room. We aren't so crazy about that.

You are learning so much! You have figured out that launching toys over the baby gate to the basement results in interesting sounds as they hit the stairs on the way down. You also love to see how far you can throw any given toy and have deadly accurate aim. YOU love that. (The toys don't.)

When entering a room you have three missions: pour out the dog water; pull all lamps off tables or tip them over; reach on top of the highest surface you can find and retrieve items placed there to be out of your reach. This results in Mommy and Daddy frantically yelling NOOOOO as they run toward you. You also love that.

You can hold your own with Little Man, who thinks getting into your face is the appropriate way to communicate with a baby. He has been the recipient of many whacks to the face. This doesn't seem to be teaching him a lesson yet.

Your big brother has taught you some useful skills though, like using sign language for 'more' when you are eating, how to brush your teeth, and how much fun wrestling with Daddy is. We all like that.

You still grieve sometimes. You have a dynamite-fuse temper, which results in arms and legs swinging and throwing yourself to the ground. You think books taste good. You poop in the bathtub so often that we can only bathe you immediately after you've pooped. And even this strategy isn't enough to always avoid a brown floatie crisis. When we pick you up, you pat us ecstatically with both hands to let us know we made you happy. You are intrigued by the cats.

Your first English word was 'uh oh'. You say it alot. Usually right after you do something you aren't supposed to.

Your next words were 'doggy' and 'uh-mee'. The first is obvious. We finally figured out what the second one was.

Mommy. Melt.

I don't want time to pass too quickly. I don't want you to grow up too fast. But it's all spinning by at break-neck speed.

I am looking forward to your next birthday though, because it will be the first we get to share with you. And that's a special thing.

Love you bunches,


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  1. Love all of these tidbits. Can not WAIT to meet him soon!! Happy half-birthday Little Brother.


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