Truth in Adoption Stories

Remember the We are The Truth day for adoption bloggers? Bloggers shared their stories about their journey to familiy. It's been inspirational and emotional to read theses stories, especially when I've been battling the Monster lately.

This excerpt from the blog The Bex Files really gives me a lot of hope:

Yes, he was adopted, but he is our son. Adoption is an action, a single occurrence, a way of becoming a family, not of being a family. The circumstances that brought us together may be unique, but our family is not. We are simply two parents doing the best that we can in order to give our child the life that he deserves, the life that his birth mother dreamed of, and the opportunity to choose his own path.

There's lots more great stories to read. Bring a tissue and check them out here.

And if you missed it, I participated in the We Are the Truth day as well, by blogging about my own adoption. Here it is.

(photo credit: Jesse Springer, finalist in the 2008 Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest)

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