An amazing adoption story: The Belles-Silcock family

POV just announced the winners of their "This is my family" story campaign. You can get to the page with the winning videos HERE.

Most of the stories are about foster adoptions, but one was about special needs adoptions. The Belles-Silcock family have adopted 31 children, with three more adoptions pending. If that number wasn't astounding enough, the fact that all of the children are boys, AND they all have special needs--it's mind blowing!

Their entry for the POV contest was a music video titled "Band of Brothers" and features the members of the family playing and singing. The main singer, Richard James, tells a story about having a stroke at the age of 4, going blind from a tumor, and being hospitalized throughout his life, and what having a family and a "band of brothers" has meant to him.

Check out their winning video HERE. And while you are at it, roam around their family website and read some of the bios of their children. This family is quite amazing!

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