Friday Round-up - Happy Monday edition--12.13.2010

I've been behind on the Friday Round-ups lately. It's par for the course because I've been behind on my life lately. Having a hard time keeping up with anything! So please excuse the Monday version of the Friday Round-up. I'll get back on track sometime soon...


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Why am I always stuck with the crap? I was wondering this as I rushed across the parking lot of the coffee shop, throwing my bag into my car as I rushed off to another last-minute assignment called in by an editor. I know I'm not really stuck with all the crap...there is a fair share of it to go around. But I seem to be this editor's go-to person (which is a compliment I guess) that means I get a lot of these.

As I was about to get into the car, I got stuck in the beauty of this little slice of loveliness. Screw the assignment. It can wait 5 minutes.

Those few minutes were so peaceful and quiet. The world in my head grew quiet and still. There was only the world in front of me.

No lists of things I need to do.

No wondering how we are going to manage our new life with a baby.

No worrying if I can still do the level of work that I am accustomed to, AND be a good mother.

No stressing about getting house projects finished before we have to chase a little person around.

No fears about saving enough cash to be able to stay home for the first several months after the baby comes home.


Just the beauty of the sunshine on the fence. The soft winter shadow of the trees. The wisp of color on the seed pod.

I was present. Really present.


To make your heart sing: Custody day for Katie.

To understand the need: More babies waiting to be adopted (Thanks Chubby Monkey for the story tip!)

To yearn: Happy 1st Birthday

To give: Typographic gift tags

And these are cute to give too! Holiday Gift Tags

To make (but you better hurry): Felted Christmas trees

And best of all, to become a family: Headless chicken  (Congrats to the Choi family!)

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  1. Gotta love those moments. I try so hard to be present, but man is it a struggle sometimes! :)


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