Friday Flotsam--9.30.2011

I look over at the tiny daredevil in red monkey pajamas. He's standing on top of his rocking horse, holding onto the handle casually, with one hand. The other hand is waving high above his head, calling attention to himself as he flashes me a big grin. He's so proud of himself.

I stifle a panicked reaction to shout "Oh my god, you are going to break your neck. Do you have any idea how hurt you could get doing that? You need to sit down right now!"

Instead, I calmly remind him that rocking horses are for sitting, and can he please sit down. To reveal how nervous this little trick makes me would ensure that he repeats it often.

This reminds me of the stories The Man and his brother recount of their youth. Of riding motorcycles through the grape vineyards. Of jumping their BMX bikes over a fire pit--with a fire going! Shooting one another with BB guns. Or trying out new jumps on their bike track in their back yard.

They laugh as they remember the sound of their mother's sharp squeals, or the hiss of her sudden intake of breath, as she watched her two daredevils attempt their latest Evel Knievel inspired stunt.

And now, with a daredevil of my own, I wonder how often I'll be the one squealing.

Something tells me it's going to be often.


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  1. The jars are a great idea!!!


  2. the dying man's story is remarkable. oh my goodness. so sad she won't know her father but what a blessing too. thanks for sharing. and i'm going to check out those jars!


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