LEGO, Korea and t-shirts

Wanted to share a couple of cool things out there for Korea adoptee families.

First, a news report about the world's tallest LEGO tower, which was built by 4,000 school children in Korea. It was built to celebrate LEGO's 80th birthday. Click HERE to read the story and see a video of the tower.

Inspired by the tower and want to build your own? LEGO just released a new addition to their architectural series, adding Korea's Southern Gate, Sungnyemum, to the LEGO line-up. This kit has 325 pieces and for the 12 and older gang. We are getting one and storing it away for a while. The trick will be to remember where we put it! You can buy it HERE.

And finally, The Gap has vintage Olympics shirts up for sale, including toddler tees with teh 1988 Seoul Olympics logo. Get 'em while their hot HERE.

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